This restaurant was opened by the 1st owner in 1993 and had been run by her for 2 years. 2nd owner bought it in 1995 and had run it for 10 years till the end of 2004. 3rd owners Sunny & John Seo bought it in January 2005 and have been running it till now.

John had worked as a college professor and CEO of an environment consulting company for around 20 years in Korea. In January 2003 John came to the U.S. as a visiting and exchange professor at a university. Two years later after his “recharge” period, he then decided to quit his jobs in Korea to start his “second life” for the education of his children and pursuit of his own American Dream. Since then, he has been running this restaurant with his wife, Sunny.

John’s major was Environmental Engineering and he earned his Ph. D. for it. Sunny’s major was Japanese. She had worked as a financial director of Biotech company for around 10 years in Korea.

Son is pursuing his PhD. in Neuroscience with a full scholarship at Cornell University after completing his undergraduate studies of Neuroscience at Boston University.

Daughter is now pursuing a masters degree in Violin performance from Eastman School of Music Following her graduation from Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.

Since 2005, John has decorated the wall with many kinds of musical instruments and raises orchid throughout the year for his beloved daughter, as well as pictures of customers and more fun things like language board. (Daughter’s name Ran means “orchid” in Korean and that’s John’s favorite.)

Sunny and Johns’ joy lies in cooking fresh, healthy and delicious foods in a very fast manner and serving them
with gentleness and courteousness in a small but always clean and comfortable place.

We make organic compost from some leftover food. Please Help us keep the earth clean by not wasting food.

"All year round we sell orchids for donations at non-profit organizations"