At El Camino Mongolian BBQ, customization is the key.
A customer puts his /her favorite meat, noodles and a variety of fresh vegetables in bowls with sauces. When he/she gives those bowls to the chef, the chef grills the food on a round hot BBQ grill in front of the customer.
Mongolian BBQ is a unique and healthy fusion food that a customer can create according to his/her taste.

After cooking, the customer can additionally season the food with a variety of toppings prepared. Also, there are 6 side dishes including steamed rice.
Mongolian BBQ is an abundant dish and also well-being choice for customers who are concerned with their health.

Vegetarian options are also available for healthy eating customers.

To Go orders are available for non dine-in customers.
Prices for To Go orders are determined by the weight of the food after cooking.

To Go boxes are not available for dine-in customers.

  • The green color and two sides were used to represent fresh vegetables and our chefs working co-operatively. The burgundy circle portrays meat as well as the hot grill.
    Finally the flames show that we cook actively and the grill is always hot.